Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Sunbury from the Alex Fraser...

Cycling Up the Alex Fraser Sidewalk

On the east side of the Alex Fraser, there is a wide sidewalk that is easily reached by cycling around the back of the Great Pacific Forum.

Net Shed

Fraser River North

This is the view of the Fraser River looking North from the Centre of the Alex Fraser Bridge

Fraser River Port

One of the main hubs of the container traffic that the South Fraser Perimeter Road is meant to serve.

Tidewater Pub

This is our local watering hole, formerly called the Side Track

River Road at Centre

The early designs for the SFPR had a four lane over pass rise off the river bank at the top of this picture and corss the railway tracks at a height of about 20 feet in the air.

Centre Street Intersection

A view of the River Road and Centre street neighbourhood

Sheaves Place Cul de Sac

This neighbourhood of 12 homes would have a 20 foot - four lane overpass running just to the north of it if the SFPR were approved as currently designed.

South End of Alex Fraser

The River Shore under the South End of the Alex Fraser Bridge

Sunbury Neighbourhood West