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Nordel Way / Brooke Road Intersection Needs Improvements

On November 28, 2006, we wrote to Delta Council about the intersection at Brooke Road and Nordel Way:

Delta’s number one priority in an emergency should be the safety of its citizens. When traffic signals at major intersections are out of order, we need someone directing traffic until the signals are functioning.

Last week, as a result of the power outages, the traffic light at Nordel Way and Brooke Road was out for two days – yet no one was dispatched to direct traffic.

At least one collision did occur. One of our residents was sent to hospital.

Nordel Way, a 4-lane regional highway, was pushed through an existing residential community. Children must cross Nordel in either direction to attend school (elementary school to the North, high school to the South). Residents must also cross this truck and commuter route to access community facilities such as the library, the recreation centre, and Sungod; and to access local, Delta shopping.

Brooke Road is Sunbury’s one remaining link to the rest of North Delta. At Brooke Rd, residents cross paths with a near-steady stream of regional traffic (2200 vehicles pass straight through this intersection during the am peak hour; 3000 vehicles pass straight through during the pm peak hour). This intersection is bad enough at the best of times.

To cross these 4 lanes of traffic without the aid of the traffic lights is worse than daunting. It is dangerous.  Nordel Way will continue to be a source of risk for our community. Power outages and emergency situations will happen from time to time. We need a better response. We need someone directing traffic when this traffic light isn’t working.

Sunbury Neighbourhood Association.

On January 10, 2007, we got the following response from Tim Murphy, Delta's Manager of Roads and Transportation:

Dear Pat Lavery,

 Thank you for your email of December 11, 2006 addressed to Mayor and Council regarding traffic control at the intersection of Brooke Road and Nordel Way during power outages.  Your email has been directed to both the Delta Police and Engineering for a response.  The Delta Police will respond in a separate email. 

Delta is proposing to install back-up power supply at some traffic signals in 2007.  The current technology of back-up power could power a traffic signal for about 4 hours and operate the traffic signal in a flash mode for about an additional 4 hours.  We are still scoping the project to determine what equipment would be necessary, the cost of installation, and which intersections should receive this improvement first.  However the intersections along Nordel Way are a high priority for this application.  We will provide you with more information once the project has been further developed and the capital program has been approved.


Tim Murphy

Manager of Roads and Transportation

Corporation of Delta

4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent

Delta, B.C., V4K 3E2



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