Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Delta Council Holds public Meeting

On February 20th, at Brooke Elementary School Delta, George Harvey, Delta’s CAO, led a meeting about the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR).  He pointed out that the SFPR was the Province’s proposal; not the municipality’s. 

The SFPR will cost Delta:

        90 ha (222 acres) of prime agricultural land expropriated

        15 ha (37 acres) of prime agricultural land severed or isolated

        7 heritage properties directly impacted

        96 residentially-zoned land either entirely or partially expropriated

o      Taxes lost as property values plummet

        77 ha (190 acres) industrial land expropriated, severed, or isolated

o      $44 – 66 million cumulative gross taxes by 2021

        27 ha (67 acres) of land with ecological or hydrological importance to Burns Bog

o      The SFPR will drive through land Delta has been systematically acquiring along the periphery of Burns Bog, in an attempt to protect the bog.

        96 ha (237 acres) of wildlife habitat and the interruption of wildlife corridors

        3.1 ha (8 acres) aquatic habitat

        15.4 ha (36 acres) riparian habitat

        Noise and visual impacts to homes in North Delta and Ladner

In response to Delta’s concerns:

x       The Ministry of Transportation refuses Delta’s request to implement AirCare for heavy trucks.

x       The Ministry of Transportation has not yet agreed to help lobby Translink to ban trucks on River Rd, once the SFPR is built.

x       The Ministry of Transportation wouldn’t commit to replacing lost trees consistent with Delta’s goal of 40% tree canopy.

x       The Ministry of Transportation is still negotiating remediation for abandoned, provincially licensed, Demolition, Landclearing, and Construction (DLC) landfills that the SFPR will cross.  The SFPR will run over some of these old contaminated DLC landfills, effectively squeezing out leachate.

x       “As with the tunnel option, Gateway has dismissed the ‘snow shed’ concept as cost prohibitive.”

Gateway is proposing compensation for habitat loss.  Delta wants assurance that compensation lands for Delta losses will be located within Delta.

Which leaves Delta asking residents their preference about closing River Rd. near the Alex Fraser Bridge.

 Keep River Rd open so that local residents, and toll-evading commuters, have access to the SFPR, Hwy 91, and River Rd at the new “Sunbury” interchange just west of the Alex Fraser Bridge and traffic increases.


 Close River Rd and local residents get bottle-necked at Brooke Rd and join the congestion on Nordel Way, along with commuters who have come from River Road’s open East-end.


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