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The Fraser River

Our neighbourhood is strongly influenced by the Fraser River, flowing west on our northern edge.

The Fraser River Basin stretches 1400 km from the Rockies to Richmond and covers an area the size of Britain or California. The Basin boasts one of world's most productive salmon river systems. Its vast ecosystem supports 65 species of fish and hundreds of species of birds, mammals, plants and trees. 80% of BC's economy is generated in the region. And, perhaps most importantly, for two out of three British Columbians, the Fraser Basin is home.

2005 BCís Most Endangered Rivers List

1) Fraser River:

This year, after several years of improvement, the Fraser River has taken a turn for the worse. For the first time in 9 years, the Fraser River tops this yearís BCís Endangered Rivers List. While long standing issues such as sewage and industrial pollution continue to be problematic, there are also a host of emerging issues that are the cause of much concern. Among these are missing sockeye salmon, low
summer flows, unchecked agricultural impacts, reduced protection for many urban stream tributaries, and excessive gravel extraction beyond what is required for flood control purposes.

In addition, the river continues to be threatened by impacts associated with rapid urbanization, urban run-off, extensive logging in its headwaters, a loss of riparian habitat and industrial pollution, especially along the North Arm. There are also a number of old contaminated sites that continue to be problematic.

All of these issues have played a role in this yearís listing and there are increasing concerns about the riverís long term health and our commitment to sustainability. And while itís important to note that
progress has been made on some fronts over the past decade thanks to the valiant efforts of many stewardship groups, a significant majority of respondents expressed concern that many of the most
pressing issues facing the Fraser are not being adequately addressed.

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