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The Sunbury Neighbourhood Association’s Annacis Island tunnel concept was analyzed and determined not to be feasible for the following reasons:

·                 Potential interference with the foundations of the Alex Fraser Bridge;

·                 Potential interference with the ship berths at the Fraser Surrey Docks

·                 Major construction challenges to ensure that the tunnel does not impede existing and future shipping channels on the Fraser River;

·                 Major construction challenges for the tunnel portals and decline sections of the tunnels due to poor ground conditions;

·                 Major soil liquefaction risks under earthquake conditions due to the existing sandy soils;

·                 Major differential movement and buoyancy risks in the tunnel sections under earthquake conditions;

·                 Significant environmental mitigation due to impacts to the Fraser River foreshore;


The Gateway program conducted a high level feasibility study of other North Delta Tunnel options including the approximately 5 kilometre tunnel concept proposed by Mr. Greg Hoover and Mr. Olav Naas as well as a 4 kilometre tunnel option developed by the Gateway Program.  Both options were determined to be technically feasible, but at significant cost.

The cost table below includes the estimated capital cost to construct a road tunnel, either the Hoover and Naas option or the Gateway option, and is estimated to cost between $450 million and $560 million depending on the option. 

Please Note: These costs do not include; design engineering, property acquisition, project management, contractor costs, environmental mitigation, or operations and maintenance costs.  These other cost elements would likely increase tunnel costs up to 40% over the $450 to $560 quoted above.  In addition it must be noted that operations and maintenance costs for a tunnel of this length would require significantly higher operation and maintenance costs than a comparable section of open roadway.

The following table summarizes the construction cost estimates for the two North Delta Tunnel concepts:

Cost Element

(Bored Tunnel)

Hoover and Naas Tunnel Option

Gateway Tunnel Option

Mobilization and Demobilization



Tunnel portals



Tunnel boring, excavation & disposal of material



Pre-cast concrete tunnel liner segments



Road deck, concrete edge barrier, utility duct



Drainage and drainage retention sump



Incident management control centre



Ventilation ducts and equipment



Lighting, signals and communication



Electricity and emergency power



Fire detection, monitoring and fire suppression



Sub total



20% Contingency





$422, 300,000















Following is the cost estimate for the comparable section of the South Fraser Perimeter Road.  This figure includes all other costs not included in the above tunnel estimate.  These other costs include; property acquisition, environmental mitigation, engineering and design, project management and construction management and contingencies.


Cost Element

South Fraser Perimeter Road – N. Delta section

North Delta Section







Operational Construction




Design, Project & Construction Management (including preliminary and detailed design)


Project Management Services (Project management office, pre-design services)


Other costs including contingencies










The Tunnel Option

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