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Hoover NaAs Newsletter - April 22, 07 


APRIL 22 / 07

Hi again folks.
First I want to thank all of you that continue to write Campbell and company regarding "Falcon's Folly" ! Please don't stop and get others to do the same.
Second I want to encourage the TRAHVOL group to continue the fight. It may seem like you're alone fighting an issue in your backyard, but from the e-mails and conversations I receive I can tell you that the people of Delta don't want those towers in Tsawwassen anymore than they want a highway through the Bog. So when the chips are down there should be lots of support for you.
Third I would like to suggest that we all watch VERY CLOSELY the Mohawk issues in Ontario. They have a grievance over the ownership of a gravel pit, and because government isn't listening they shut down the main rail line between Toronto and Montreal for 48 hours.
- please note
.... no police on site
.... no confrontation with authorities
.... the railways caved in and put 3500 travellers on buses and planes
.... a sheriff read a document to them to get off the tracks, the Mohawks said "no"
.... the issue was on the CBC National news several nights as the lead story
Now we should watch to see what happens to those Canadians that blockaded the tracks. Do those Canadians get put in jail? Do those Canadians get fined?
Do those Canadians have to compensate the railway for trespassing and business lost? Do those Canadians have to compensate the thousands of travellers they prevented from travelling?
Now don't jump to conclusions ....... you never know ...... maybe there is one legal system for all Canadians.
I'm just thinking that if they can get National News coverage for their issues, and there is no repercussions from police, government and the legal system, then maybe it would work in Delta.
What a joke eh!!!!!!
1/  In the April 21st issue of the Optimist there is an article on truck inspections that took place this week in Delta. It is full of disgusting statistics on the condition of the container trucks that run all over Delta's highways. I cannot ask Ted Murphy at the Optimist to continuously publish letters from me, but I really need you and others to write the Optimist, The Premier, Kevin Falcon, and the Port.
You can say anything you like but I offer some talking points;
- incidents of unsafe trucks were up 14% over last year
- we only check these trucks at random, once or twice a year
- the proposed SFPR has no facility to check these trucks at all
- Delta is going to get thousands more of these on all our roads.
- the trucks are now burning home made fuel which reduces their costs and increases air pollution
- last year Vancouver Ports said they were instituting a policy that trucks must be mechanically fit to work at the Port. We said then it wouldn't work, and this week was CONCRETE proof that it doesn't. ANY business in this province that puts equipment on the road must be RESPONSIBLE for the mechanical safety and operation of that equipment..... NOT THE PORT... they hire out.
That way the Port has no responsibility, and even avoids workers compensation etc etc.
The PEOPLE of DELTA now inherit all that personal risk, liability, dirt and filth.
As I said write what you like, but this is becoming disgusting!
2/ Last October we and the affiliated groups, were given 3000 pages of documents that comprised the Gateway Environmental Assessment Application for the SFPR, which we had to read, study, research and reply to formally by Dec 17/07. We did as well as we could.
You may have noticed in the papers that Gateway asked for a pause in the application and as a result another window has opened for public response to the application. Attached please find that Notice as published in the paper. I can't tell you how important it is to flood the EAO with letters objecting to this highway on the subject of your choice. Your concern does not have to be environmental, it can be agricultural, safety or simply traffic congestion, please see the Notice.
I know this seems futile but sitting quiet and doing nothing guarantees this highway will go ahead as planned. We are turning heads at higher levels so it is extremely important for residents to register their concerns en-mass. I will be writing the Optimist with incentives for the public to write in before the May 19 deadline....... PLEASE WRITE and get others to do the same!
3/ Last week Kevin Falcon addressed the Delta Chamber of Commerce regarding the SFPR.
As residents of South Delta we are accustomed to having the smell of manure in the spring air!
I responded to his nonsense in the Optimist and I really have to thank Ted Murphy for always finding space for my long winded letters. I won't dwell on it here other than to say, he spreads mis-information, doesn't know what Delta needs, doesn't care what Delta needs, and continues to barf out the same rhetoric he did 2 years ago.
My bottom line....... when it comes to my home and the homes of my friends and neighbours, I don't care what Toronto needs, and I don't get a _____ about China!
4/ Now some good news..... best to last!!!!!
Recently we made contact with a young fellow who does film documentaries, and he became very interested in our concerns re the SFPR in Delta.
This coming Thursday April 26 (weather permitting) we will start filming!
The intent is to start in North Delta following the route of the SFPR and it's trail of destruction through Delta. When we reach the hook up with Deltaport Way we will do a segment on the Hydro lines through Tsawwassen and how Hoover/Naas has suggested running the lines to the Port to assist in reducing air pollution in the lower mainland. Then we will go back to the end of Deltaport Way and follow the Hoover/Naas route back up to the original starting point in North Delta.
Obviously the affiliated Delta Groups in Delta will contribute and make on camera comments but what we need is the following;
- property owners affected by the SFPR that will allow us to come on their property to film, and if they wish comment on camera re the effects of the SFPR on their life.
- business or farm owners that will allow us access or want to comment
- representatives of groups or organizations who wish to have input
- politicians that want to air their concerns.
- folks in Tsawwassen who are effected by the hydro towers that would let us film in their back yards.
- if you have or know of anything that might contribute impact to this film please let us know
The intent is to use video to replace hours and hours of reading and study that most people would have to do to understand the entire scope of this issue....... and it sure beats listening to me explain everything!
Done right this film can make our issues abundantly clear to anyone and everyone that sees it.
It will be our intent to make sure people in power get to see this film.
If Campbell ignores us and decides to proceed this film will make the Liberal Green policy and their open and transparent government a joke!
We also intend to show very clearly that all of this destruction in Delta is brought on by one thing and one thing only...... The Port!
When Gateway is gone and Falcon takes his pension $$$$$$$$ the residents of Delta will have to continue debating and dealing with all these Port issues forever. The only way that outcome can be changed is by the implementation of Hoover/Naas.
Please let us know asap if you have something to contribute to the film.
Thanks for all your support and please keep writing those letters!
As always let me know if you want on or off this newsletter list.
Greg Hoover

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