Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Jack Layton, Federal Leader of the NDP - Visits Burns Bog and Hears ABout SFPR Impacts to Sunbury Neighbourhood

Jack Layton will come to North Delta and talk to residents about pressing matters, in particular South Fraser Perimeter Rd and its impacts on Sunbury, Annieville, River Rd, Fraser and environment, heritage, etc.

Jack will be touring the Nature Reserve at around 1:30 -ish and walking up to river Rd under the bridge, where we'll discuss the implications of the SFPR. Because the SFPR is in the "national interest" (however defined) it's important that we press upon him what it all means.

If you'd like to meet him and discuss the issue --come and meet him at around 2:45-sh. Also if you have neighbours and friends that would like to talk to him by all means bring them.

Our Association Brief to Jack Layton

Politicians come to the Bog to hear SFPR story




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