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Trucks off River Road?

The Corporation of Delta has asked TransLink to ban big rigs like the one at left from River Road, between Nordel Way and the Delta-Surrey border. The B.C. Trucking Association warns that such a move would only cause more congestion on Nordel.
By Dan Ferguson
Staff Reporter

Apr 01 2005

The battle over the big rigs that rumble along River Road in North Delta has gone before TransLink, which is considering a proposal by the municipality that would ban all large trucks on the road between Nordel Way and Delta-Surrey border.
In a letter to the regional transportation authority, Mayor Lois Jackson argues trucks could be redirected along Nordel Way and Scott Rd. because recent improvements to the Scott Rd. hill in Surrey will make it easier for semi-trailers to navigate the route.
On Tuesday, the B.C. Trucking Association issued a statement condemning the proposal, predicting it would add another 4,000 trucks a day to Nordel, causing even more congestion at the already crowded Nordel Way weigh scales.
"River Road remains the most direct route to and from Fraser-Surrey Docks," the association stated.
"Unnecessarily forcing trucks to reach this destination circuitously will only increase emissions and operating costs..."
Residents who live along North Delta's River Rd. have complained for years about increasing numbers of large trucks that pass through their community.
"Our house shakes, shudders and vibrates every time one of our neighbourhood trucks spews its fumes down the Annieville hill," resident Bonnie Olsen said in a recent letter to The Leader.
"In our house, you don't open windows during the summer heat or you simply don't sleep ... we all wear earplugs nightly despite going through the trouble of installing double pane windows through the whole house."
North Delta resident Tom Green noted trucks are running lights and cutting off local drivers.
"There's going to be a major accident," Green said.
Most residents say the preferred solution is to build the long-discussed South Fraser Perimeter Rd. to route big trucks away from the residential area.
North Delta trucker Phil Blanchette says the ban will simply relocate the problem.
"It would push it into a different area, that's all it would do."
He believes stepped-up traffic enforcement would help.
"The biggest problem is the noise, and I see it all the time, guys coming down the hills from Annieville with their jake brakes on for no reason," Blanchette said.
The last time Delta proposed limits on trucks along River Rd. was in 2002, when the municipality sought a nighttime ban, which TransLink rejected.
Mayor Jackson said the chances the current board will approve relocating the trucks to Nordel are "slim" but the community has to keep pressing the issue with TransLink and the provincial and federal governments.
A follow-up meeting on truck traffic issues is planned for Tuesday, April 12 at Brooke Elementary School at 8718 Delwood Dr. beginning at 6:30 p.m.