Sunbury Neighbourhood Association


Sunbury not fit to be a traffic funnel


Apr 29 2005

I am very disappointed in Delta's engineering department's and Pacific Land Group's lack of willingness to include the residents of the Sunbury Area (between Nordel Way and River Road) in the traffic routing options present at the April 15 public meeting.
The Sunbury area has one parcel of land that is included in the larger Pacific Land Development plan for the other side of Nordel for a total of 100 acres or 1,000 housing units.
At the public meeting all five traffic routing options addressed the roads and residents south and southeast of Nordel only, and each option proposed pushing more traffic through the Sunbury area.
When I wrote Delta asking why no traffic flow options were provided for the Sunbury residents the response was: "Our Engineering Dept. is satisfied that existing roads can accommodate increased traffic from Area H concerning and that is why no options were presented."
I find this statement and reason for not providing traffic options very disturbing. The Sunbury residents are not satisfied and Delta's "satisfaction" conclusion did not include any Sunbury residents input.
The issue at hand is not if the roads can handle more traffic but should they!
The Sunbury area has an existing known traffic volume problem that the Corporation of Delta has tried to address unsuccessfully over the years.
At the public meeting, a Delta spokesman stated "we do not want to create commuter by-pass problems." However, this is exactly the traffic problem Delta and the developer proposed for the residents of Sunbury area.
In closing, I ask Delta and Pacific Land Group to include all residents and areas effected by this housing development and ask that traffic options be created for the Sunbury residents.
Tammie Citak