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Delsom development gets preliminary OK

By Dan Ferguson
Staff Reporter

Jun 01 2005

Public hearing on 'massive' project set for June 16

The giant Delsom Estates development was given preliminary approval by Delta council Monday night, despite some concerns about the density of the proposed project.
The 100-acre site plan calls for up to 1,000 housing units, only about 100 of them single-family homes.
All the rest are two- to three-storey townhouses, plus some five-storey buildings in a mixed commercial-residential area.
Council had to exempt the project from existing density guidelines which would have restricted the maximum building height and commercial square footage, something that doesn't sit well with some residents and a minority of council.
"These bylaws ... eliminate all protection policies the neighbouring community has," warned resident Jill Gillett, one of a number of residents who complained they will be overshadowed by the taller, denser Delsom buildings.
Her view was backed by Councillors Vicki Huntington and Krista Engelland, with Engelland decrying the design as a "total, massive buildout."
"It's just too dense," she said.
The two wanted to postpone a public hearing on the proposal to allow more fine-tuning, but were overruled by the rest of council, which voted to send the proposal to public hearing on June 16.
Coun. Bruce McDonald said the plan has always been to increase density to allow Delta residents who want to downsize to buy smaller homes.
"I don't think it's realistic that this whole 100 acres be reserved for single-family housing."