Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

the Leader - July 02, 2006

Highway 10 should be Widened

Jul 02 2006

Re: South Fraser Perimeter Road As Proposed.

Hwy. 10 should be four lanes all the way to Abbotsford. It will then provide an avenue of escape to all the residents on the south side of the Fraser River when the next major seismic event happens in our area or a tsunami strikes.

This would also alleviate the pileup of traffic at 176 Street and Hwy. 1 as now proposed. A much better route than following the Fraser River Bank and don't count on the USA border being thrown open to accommodate us. Don't forget to bring your passport.

The proposed SFPR as now outlined is exactly the same distance as using Hwy. 10 starting at the Hwy. 17 Junction at Ladner to 176 Street at Cloverdale and then north to Hwy No. 1 and that distance is 30,500 meters.

The advantage of using Hwy. 10 to the Hwy. 91 interchange and then connecting to the Colebrook road is that it is flat ground, virtually no homes in the way vs. the forced displacement and disruption of 100's of lives of the 250-300 homes in the Sunbury, Annieville, Royal Heights and Bridgeview areas.

No expensive hillside cutaway which will weaken the Escarpment, which is already a designated slide area in the event of an earthquake.

No expensive ramps or ravine crossings or extensive noise mitigation systems would be required.

The potential saving would help in the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge, which is way overdue.

Peter Chittim,

Royal Heights Neighbourhood Association


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