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the Surrey Leader - June 4, 2008

Perimeter Road to proceed, Bog to be damaged

June 04, 2008

Here is the direct quote from the response of the Ministry of Transportation, to Environment Canada’s concerns that the South Fraser Perimeter Road would cause irreversible impacts to the ecology of Burns Bog:

“In considering refinements to the alignment on the west side of Burns Bog, analysis undertaken by MoT indicates that a further shift (i.e., to the west side of Crescent Slough) would not eliminate impacts to areas of concern to EC, associated with the original alignment, while at the same time increasing impacts to other values as follows:

Increase the area and intensity of zone of influence effects on wildlife habitat (i.e., Sandhill Crane, Trumpeter Swan and water-associated birds) provided by agricultural fields;

Potential increases in collision mortality to Barn owls associated bisecting remaining foraging habitat (to the east of Crescent Slough);

Impacts to fisheries values (where none currently exist) associated with two crossing of Crescent Slough; and

In order to minimize impacts to agricultural values the alignment will still be required cross, and impact, some ecological values associated with the Corporation of Delta lands north of the Nottingham property.

“It is noted that the proposed relocation does have cost (est. $20 million) and other social, economic and community effects.”

And yet they have decided to proceed with this realignment despite the damage, and a protective covenant signed by all levels of government that does not allow anything to destroy, impair, diminish, or negatively affect the bog in any way.

It’s time for the Campbell government to stop this damaging project and stick to the many “green” strategies and initiatives it has promised.

Don Hunt


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