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the Leader -  June 11, 2006 - LETTERS

Gateway reps don't listen

Jun 11 2006

As a resident living close to the planned alignment of the South Fraser Perimeter Road, I have actively sought to give input on the Gateway program by way of the public consultation process.

I joined the Gateway representatives for a small group meeting June 1 where we were given a choice of options that were a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils.

Sadly, Gateway's response to our true wishes has been to pat us on the head for offering our solutions and effectively telling us to run along and trust that they have exhausted all options.

What I want, and all my neighbors and everyone in the Lower Mainland is crying for, is simple: Proof that they have evaluated the plan against every 'real' option, and can prove that they have made the choice of expansion, alignment and structure for the project in consideration of more than just what appears to be guesswork and imaginary numbers.

There is mounting evidence that, despite widespread expert opinion saying the current plan is flawed in principle and execution, Mr. Falcon is running amok, ram-rodding an ultimately detrimental plan down the public's throat and that Gateway is a hired panel of spin-doctors.

Finally, I feel for people who must sit for hours in traffic every day, but the experts who are not just pencil-neck, do-good egg-heads, have examined hundreds of cities worldwide, and drawing from a wealth of historical data, are telling us that more lanes make it worse, not better.

So stand with your community groups and tell Mr. Falcon and Gateway to get back to the drawing board and make a plan, instead of running rough over the dozens of neighbourhoods that will be destroyed for their 'better tomorrow.'

Paul Ritter, Delta

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