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the Leader -  LETTERS - June 9, 2006

Diesel exhaust so foul you can taste it

In regards to the article in the Leader on Sunday June 4, you are definitely on the right track about freighters.

Cargo ships make a nasty mess of the air quality.

A lot of them are held together by a hope and a prayer, and are registered in other countries with lax laws.

We used to live in Victoria on Vancouver Island.

In summer while crossing the Strait we noticed not just the freighters were the problem, but the ferries as well.

At one point, in the hottest part of the summer, we noticed the air looked almost orange and hung on the water up to 20 feet into the air. And it stank.

We live on River Road in Delta, near the Alex Fraser Bridge.

We step outside our front door to the stench of diesel exhaust not only from the freighters going up river, but from trucks carrying containers.

But we also have to smell the diesel exhaust from the BNSF train engines.

These engines belch out so much exhaust, you can taste it in the air and itís disgusting.

They come by our house up to 10 to 15 times a day and through the night.

The port authorities have started shipping a lot more containers around by train from dock to dock instead of truck to cut down on the trailer traffic on River Road because of a public outcry last year.

You can see the trainsí exhaust from afar.

The trains also sit and idle for hours on end. The carcinogenic stench fills our yards and gets into the air in our homes.

While youíre considering the pollution freighters make, consider the trickle-down effect on semi-trailers which haul the containers, and to the trains, which make the semis look like small-time polluters.

Linda Belanger


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