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the Leader -Letters -  May 28, 2006

Future Submersion should sink road plans

May 28 2006

Regarding Mayor Jackson’s concerns with rising waters (The Leader, May 24).

Mayor Jackson, as chair of the GVRD and mayor of Delta, perhaps it would be a good idea to consider that building a road – particularly the South Fraser Perimeter Road – along the Fraser River is really kind of silly when it will all be under water in the future.

As I’ve heard numerous times now from most levels involved with this project that they are building for the future – our children’s and our children’s children’s. Are they not the ones that will have to deal with a new road structure when their current one becomes submerged?

Would it not be more visionary to consider this climate change that is inevitable now so they do not have to address it later?

A tunnel at a higher elevation would certainly be an option. And at this time the cost would not nearly be as high as what they will have to endure.

As you stated, future generations are the ones that will have to live with these problems, so maybe we should try not to leave them any problems that we know in advance are going to exist.

Lynne March



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