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the Leader -Letters -  May 31, 2006

Controversy surrounds Gateway Options

By Lynne Phelan
May 31 2006

Regarding the article, Gateway program debate gears up - May 26.

I’m not quite sure how it can be said that the other Gateway elements – the north and south perimeter roads are “less contentious” than the Port Mann twinning. This project as a whole has over 25 different groups opposing it as it is currently presented in its entirety – not just the twinning.

I personally cannot speak for the north but the south option rams right through long-standing communities rich in heritage. Plus, there are numerous environmental issues, including Burns Bog that stand in the way of this route.

Even though other options have been presented to Gateway we are being told that it is just not an option to go around or under – it must come through. How is that less contentious?

It seems that no matter where you choose to live in the Lower Mainland, at some time your own community will come under attack by our own growth and needs.

Whether we like it or not, these changes and highways are going to have to go through.

But it is so important to keep in mind the people and the environments that live in the communities affected.

They should have a say and they should be listened to and we have an obligation to protect what is left of our environments as long as we all keep the big picture in mind.

The cost factor of doing the job should be weighed against the community / environmental impacts and if it costs more to protect but is achievable then it should be done.

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