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Oct 22 2006

Prince Rupert is in a position to become the biggest container port in North America.

It can receive freighter traffic with less environmental impact than Deltaport due to the fact that itís a natural deep-sea port and is so much closer to Asia.

Through Prince Rupert, a container can make it to the Canadian and U.S. Midwest and Eastern seaboard a full two days faster than can be done through Delta.

This makes it better situated to compete with any and all North American ports, at the same time improving the economy of our north, while keeping the jobs and taxes in B.C.

This is where our government should be putting its support, not looking for ways to help Deltaport get around our environmental protection strategies.

There is no need to expand Deltaport; it was built in the wrong spot in the first place.

Pat Lavery


published on 10/22/2006

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