Sunbury Neighbourhood Association


Sunbury ignored in traffic planning


May 18 2005

Re: Tammy Citak's letter.
I'm so glad that someone else noticed that Sunbury residents were excluded from the meeting about the Pacific Land Development traffic routing proposals.
We in Sunbury are uncomfortably positioned between planned developments on River Road/South Fraser Way and the new Pacific Land Development. In addition we already get traffic "rat-running" in the area to avoid back-ups on Nordel Way in rush hour.
Traffic problems in this area have been ongoing for years and the Delta engineering department has been able to come up with only the most feeble and ineffective solutions.
Why we should be expected to trust them to have a handle on increased traffic is beyond me.
We need a strong voice to represent us in future negotiations regarding traffic in this area. I'd like to suggest that we resurrect the old Sunbury Neighbourhood Association. It was a good strong voice in its day and that is exactly what we need now.
Val Adolph