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the Leader - May 28, 2006

Is a Burns Bog blockade in the cards?

By Philip Raphael
        Black Press
        May 28 2006

Environmentalists concerned over the potential impact of building the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) close to Burns Bog have not ruled out civil disobedience to halt the project.

Eliza Olson, president of the Burn’s Bog Conservation Society, told The Leader she would be personally willing to put herself on the front lines if it came to stopping the controversial truck route’s construction.

But what official action the society would take has yet to be decided.

“Are we talking about another Eagleridge Bluff situation? I don’t know for sure, maybe. One never knows,” Olson said, referring to protests by a group of West Vancouver residents over a section of the Sea to Sky Highway slated to run through an area they have deemed as environmentally sensitive.

Olson said the society is concerned the SFPR, which is planned to skirt the northern border of the bog parallel to River Road, could have serious detrimental affects on the environmentally sensitive wetlands.

“We’re concerned not only about the possibility of the road affecting the water levels, but what is called the blow off from vehicles. The pollution in the exhaust and the oil they drop on the roadway that could end up in the bog,” Olson said.

Gateway Program officials have indicated a decision on just which route the new highway would follow through South Delta will be made public sometime next month.

Public information meetings on the last link in the proposed highway’s route – the portion from the Deltaport Way area to an interchange at Highway 99 – have been completed, leaving the section near the bog a done deal.


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