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January 22nd, 2008

Jody Shimkus, Project Assessment Director

Environmental Assessment Office

Dear Jody,

The Environmental Application for the South Fraser Perimeter Road still has many misrepresentations and much misinformation that needs to be addressed.

Please review the attached document which highlights some of the many misrepresentations in the application documents. As I have pointed out in previous correspondence to you, the working groups, Government groups, community groups and the general public were not given all the information upon which to base their comments.


Anyone who read and responded to the now over 4,000 pages of documentation relating to the application was denied the right to a complete and accurate account of the environmental impacts that the SFPR would cause. The comments made by the public, and even the work done by the working groups in formulating the Application, were based on false and misleading data, Therefore, the entire application process was flawed and the conclusions erroneous.


Many of the admitted impacts cannot be mitigated and the cost of attempting to do so would be prohibitive in the hundreds of millions of dollars.


The Environmental Application must accurately and defensibly detail all of the mitigation strategies and the true costs involved or the application is incomplete and therefore must be denied.

The ‘Draft Stormwater Management Plan Outline dated July 2007’ on the e-PIC website is actually a memo detailing ‘Zones of Influence, July 2007’, and is yet another example of missing information.
Is there a Draft Stormwater Management Plan Outline? And where might someone get a look at it? (Document has now been provided - follow this link)
I look forward to a timely response with your comments on this and the attached document.




Don Hunt

Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

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