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the Surrey NOW - March 14, 2007

Don't be distracted from real concerns

The Editor,

Re: "It's a Gateway to cancer: groups," the Now, March 7.

I almost didn't act. However, I couldn't remain silent any longer. We all know there are changes in this community and on this planet occurring because of human beings. The distraction is the discussion over the degree of impact we're having.

Likely many of you silently feel as I do that, whatever the chatter on the 6 o'clock news and talk radio, it's obvious we will need to behave more responsibly as a group or be faced with insurmountable failings somewhere in the future. The trouble has always been that there are so many issues and opinions to wade through, all the while just trying to pay bills and get the kids off to school.

Tomorrow, while staring at the bumper ahead, we might consider the analogy of comparing a teen smoker to someone in their later years dying as a result of tobacco induced ill-health. What if that teen knew they would develop cancer, would they still continue to smoke toward a certain fatal consequence? Would their daily trials and tribulations remain so important they would ignore their own mortality?

Any of us who read the Gateway article instinctively know that distraction is the method employed by the very people who are supposed to represent us in government. Clearly Kevin Falcon's way of extolling the virtues of the Gateway project is meant to give us an easy out from addressing the real issue of how we can start making better decisions as a community and country. Gateway may be today's logical solution if the only measure is money, but who owns the future cost of these decisions being made today?

Fortunately, there are already people leading the effort in bringing some amount of conscience to a discussion typically reserved for commerce - that of local and global development. Don Hunt and his association are working to make it easier for the rest of us to engage ourselves in a way that may tip the scales toward a better legacy for future inhabitants of our home. I learned from and that we can all become someone who almost didn't act.

Greg Smith
North Delta

published on 03/14/2007


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