Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Candidate: Ann Claggett


1. What do you see as the most important issues facing the Sunbury/Annieville neighbourhoods and what are you willing to do to address these issues?
I believe that the heavy truck traffic along River Road continues to put immense pressure on the Sunbury/Annieville neighborhoods.  It has been a complex problem for years and the issue of safety along this route, given the homes, small businesses and even the churches so affected causes alarm. When the higher level of Government makes it decision concerning the route of the South Fraser Perimeter Road we hope will be imminent.  However that will also be a time for the elected Council to have the strongest voices and protect yours and all other neighborhoods to the utmost.  I am also concerned that vandalism, auto theft and drug use is increasing in all areas of Delta, north and south, and  I am committed  to stronger police and parental initiatives.
 2. What importance do you place on community input
input and how to you propose to use the input of these neighbourhoods in upcoming issues?
I have no hesitation in my response to this question as the whole purpose of an elected representative is to listen and to act upon the concerns of all neighborhoods.  I realise there are difficult issues everywhere but I am not one to shirk such problems but am ready to step up to the plate at all times. Of course one can only learn of neighborhoods concerns by listening....... If elected, I will be a FULL TIME Councillor.....I do not have a second job..... so I am ready and willing to meet at any time and put forth concerns.  During my previous terms on Council I made it a habit of driving around the entire municipality at least once a month and for those items on the weekly agenda, I always personally checked them out and consulted with those involved in order I may be informed prior to the Council meeting.
3. What importance do you put on heritage and environmental protection and what are you willing to do to back your position? When you speak of heritage..... your own neighborhood speaks volumes of the history of Delta.  It is a given that we must preserve as much of the heritage as possible... often restoration and clean up is involved.  Concerning environmental protection -- particularly the hazardous  fumes from heavy trucks and smoke stacks - none of us wherever we live want to see a black soot like substance floating in the air.....Clean water and clean air go hand in hand.  As a single Councillor, I would be but one voice, but I am an independent voice and my commitment is to do what is right and proper to protect our unique lifestyle.
4. Given that Delta is divided into three separate districts, how will you elicit the opinions of each district and what weight will you give to those opinions? I have covered a fair bit of the response to this question in Question #2.........  I have lived in Delta for over 35 years and know the area well.  If you would like to distribute copies of my literature I would be happy to provide you with same.  My background and experience I feel is substantial to represent you.  I have served Delta  in many capacities other than those connected to Council - where there is a need and a call for help, if you ask around I think members of your group will receive a good recommendation on my sincerity.

Thank you for your questionnaire and I hope I have answered your questions......Please feel free to contact me if you would like my brochure or any additional information.


Quotes in the News:

South Delta Leader - November 4th: According to independent candidate Ann Claggett, the time for more discussion about a South Fraser Perimeter Road is over and action must be taken to develop the plan put forward by the Gateway Program which would divert truck traffic to a new road north of Burns Bog and parallel to River Road.
Time for talk over

"I remember talking about this issue back in 1990," said Claggett a former councillor. "And still nothing has happened.
"Let's take the plan that's currently being put forward by the experts and put it in place."
On transportation issues in North Delta, Claggett said she would like to see traffic calming measures introduced to neighbourhoods that some commuters are using as short cuts to Highway 91.
"Things like traffic roundabouts and speed bumps," could be introduced in those areas where there are problems, she said.