Sunbury Neighbourhood Association


Dear Municipal Candidate,
The Sunbury Neighbourhood Association represents the interests of the Sunbury and Annieville areas. We would like you to briefly answer the following questions so that our neighbours may make informed decisions on November 19th. Your responses will be posted on our website and emailed to our email list. Please respond by November 8th. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer and we wish you all luck in the upcoming election.

  1. What do you see as the most important issues facing the Sunbury/Annieville neighbourhoods and what are you willing to do to address these issues?
  2. What importance do you place on community input and how to you propose to use the input of these neighbourhoods in upcoming issues?
  3. What importance do you put on heritage and environmental protection and what are you willing to do to back your position?
  4. Given that Delta is divided into three separate districts, how will you elicit the opinions of each district and what weight will you give to those opinions?