Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Candidate: Lynn Turner



Thank you for your request:  I have lived in the Annieville area for 37 years and we raised five children here.  I know the area well and for me your questions are very easy to answer:

  1. The most important issues are traffic, which includes traffic volume and traffic speed.  Your elected council must work (and that would mean re-establishing a working relationship) with all levels of government to make sure that the River Road problems are resolved in the very best interest of the neighbourhood.  We don’t know yet what Gateway has in mind, when I asked a specific question about a tunnel, I was told that the tunnel cost would equate to the budget for the entire South Fraser Perimeter Road project – and they just won’t go for that.  However, Delta First has had some conversations with other engineers who are well qualified in that area and they don’t believe the cost would be as prohibitive.  So, my answer here, I would seek advice, other opinions and do it quickly.  We firmly believe that all infrastructures have to be in place prior to expansion of the Port because once they start that project – it will rapidly overtake everything else. Personally, I will do anything I can to make sure that River Road becomes the meandering drive it used to be. Speed: every neighbourhood is complaining about the excessive speed of the traffic through their neighbourhoods.  We will work with the neighbourhoods to see what they think will work for them.  It may be stop signs, no turns, speed bumps; what ever the area thinks will make their streets safer.

Another major issue that I’m hearing about is safety and crime prevention, Delta First will work closely with the police and other emergency services to determine where the needs are, whether we need more police, and/or better community safety education and public awareness and quicker access to emergency services.  As Surrey cleans up, North Delta is feeling some infiltration. And we must be mindful of that.

  1. Delta First is running on a platform of Listen, Consult, Act and we mean it.  Community input is vital but then that

input has to be put to use.  It seems that you can be asked to voice your opinion but that’s the end of it.  The people of Delta have a right to be heard, consulted and to work together to achieve good and productive results.  That’s what makes a community feel good about itself, which is community spirit!

  1. Our heritage and our environment are paramount.  I was immensely pleased in 1975 when my son came home from

Annieville Elementary saying that they had had a “pioneer” in to speak to them that day and he had learned all about Annieville and the fishing and the original families.  We must all work together to find a new home for the Delta Museum and Archives that is struggling to save our heritage because when all our “pioneers” are gone, it will be the Museum that our children can turn to, to learn about their community. I would also work hard to save any heritage homes and or buildings – we have too few of them.   Re our environment, I believe that we must protect our trees, our wildlife and our waterways.  When we let any of those commodities down, we break a very delicate chain, when the chain is broken there is an imbalance and hence an increase in rats and a decrease in raptors, an increase in water pollutants and decrease in fish, an increase in undesirable plant growth and a decrease in the trees that sustain our air quality.  I will always question anything that interferes with the quality of our environment.

  1. I have volunteered and served on executive boards for Delta wide non-profit and sports associations for all of my 37 years in Delta.  The communities are distinct yes and I think that is good, but in many ways they are the same.  They have grid-lock traffic, they have crime issues, and they have environmental issues.  All of Delta should have equal access to their elected council and their opinions elicited the same way – Delta First intends to hold public town hall meetings on a regular basis – a Delta First council will be out there, in the community and a Delta First councilor will be available to meet with neighbourhood groups, large or small to constantly and consistently be in touch with the entire community.  I also believe that not every amenity needs to be triplicated.  This is costly and not very “community-binding”.  Did you know that Delta in the only lower mainland community that cannot host any of the larger provincial sports events or arts festivals? This not only hurts our economy, it makes us feel like we are the poor cousins of the lower mainland and we shouldn’t feel that way.  Given its natural and geographical superiority Delta should be a leader in the lower mainland.  I believe that Delta deserves to have a performance centre and an arena or stadium that will serve the entire community and it should be situated in a central location. We need to be doing more to make all of Delta feel connected, not fractionated by geography.

Thank you Don and Sharon for taking the time to search us out, I will look forward to seeing the responses on your web-site.  Please edit these answers, if you think that they are too lengthy. I’m sure that you would do so, leaving the intent of the answer in place, - I won’t be offended!!  Hope to meet you soon.  Lynn Turner