Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Candidate: Norm Lortie


1. The most important issues facing the citizens of Sunbury/Annieville area's in my opinion are ,
    Truck traffic on River Road and the proposed South Fraser perimiter road construction .
    To a lesser extent is the issue of roudy young people in local parks .
        Council must work with the Ministry of Highways to mitigate the impact on the community.
    A public hearing should be conducted to receive imput from the public.
        Increased policing in our parks on weekends would solve the problems in our parks .
2. Community imput is very important in addressing any community issue .
        Imput from the public should be the deciding factor in decisions of Council .
3. Protection of the environment and preservation of heritage sites and structures are on the top of
    my list of priorities in this election and every election that I've partisipated in .My record of  commitment
    to these priorities is clear .
4. Delta Council should strive to bring the three communities of Delta together by holding Council
    meetings and hearings in all parts of our municipality .This would allow imput from all area's .
    Citizens imput should be the most important consideration in the decidion making process .
        Norm Lortie    Candidate for Delta Council
Quotes from the Newspapers:

South Delta Leader - Nov 4th, 2005: Former Delta councillor, North Delta MLA and now an independent candidate Norm Lortie said North and South Delta live in two solitudes but share one major traffic concern-the South Fraser Perimeter Road.
For North Deltans, he said the issue is getting truck traffic off River Road.
"It's essentially a residential road and suffers from horrendous traffic problems."
Tunnel an option for 96 Ave.

Like McDonald, Lortie wants the option of a tunnel from 96 Avenue down to River Road explored fully and not simply dismissed as unaffordable.
"We need to see the figures. Saying it's too expensive when they don't give you the exact costs is sometimes just an excuse."
In South Delta, Lortie said he prefers a Ladner bypass route to ease the crush of truck traffic along Highway 17. But to accomplish those goals, Lortie said council has to be more open to discussing the issues with other civic bodies-various city councils and the GVRD-as well as the provincial government.
"The current council seems to be rather insular, and you can't solve problems without having conversations," he said. "The next council, which I hope to be part of, needs to reach out to other levels of government because you can't get anything done by keeping your head buried in the sand. Otherwise, you can find that the unique way of life you've been fighting to protect can actually be eroded."