Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Candidate: Robert Campbell


  1. Truck traffic on River Road and traffic volumes generally throughout the neighbourhoods has been, is, and will continue to be the most important issue until there is a viable alternate through route for trucks such as the proposed South Fraser Perimeter Highway. Improvements and changes must also address traffic from Surrey using local roads as connecters to the Alex Fraser Bridge. I will continue to support and lobby hard for the construction of the South Fraser Perimeter to get a dedicated truck route through Sunbury/Annieville.
  2. The community has valuable information and knowledge to share with government. Elected officials and bureaucrats must not only listen but ensure that we have encouraged community participation to make the best use of neighbourhood input. With traffic the community is in the best position to speak about traffic patterns, volumes, and the impact of particular routes. At the local government level we can ensure that the community has been heard by the senior governments and we can work with the community to obtain specific solutions. Proper community input to Gateway will result in a better result for Sunbury/Annieville. As a councilor I can help to validate that input with my position.
  3. Both heritage and environment are of primary importance to the livability of a community. I will continue to support Delta’s already strong approach and strategies. We have and are planting thousands of trees. We are working to preserve Sunbury Hall. We are working on a foreshore strategy that will address heritage and environment restoration and preservation along the river wherever possible. I have supported these and other initiatives as Chair of Parks Recreation and Culture Commission and as a member of the Harbours and Foreshores Sub Committee.
  4. First and foremost Delta must be one community. However the differences of our three residential communities along with the agricultural lands, Burns Bog and the industrial lands means Delta has a range of issues. There is also a range of opinions reflecting our differences. We must respect and listen to the opinions of and within the various parts of Delta while not losing sight of the reality that Delta can only survive as a unified community. Input from residents and representative groups is an ongoing process and can only be successful if it exists on many levels. The weight to give an opinion is the responsibility of elected officials depending on the particular issue. A local issue demands more local input and more weight on that input.

Robert Campbell