Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Candidate: Scott Hamilton


1. Traffic! River Road has become intolerable for the residents that live in the area, and especially for those who reside on the corridor itself. Increased truck traffic and the difficulty enforcing speed infractions have combined to degrade the quality of life to the point that the current situation is no longer acceptable – something must be done, and must be done quickly. I am committed to advance the notion of the Sunbury/Annieville corridor being the priority with regard to ‘what should be delivered first’! Other sections of the highway can wait. We must return our neighbourhood streets back to our neighbourhoods! I am committed to the delivery of a new highway corridor that meets the needs of both the residents of the Sunbury/Annieville community, while at the same time addressing the mandate to effectively improve the movement of goods and services throughout our region. Finally, I am also on record as being committed to advancing the tunnel option as proposed by Olav Naas. I would begin by calling on the Gateway Project to conduct a peer review of the existing tunnel proposal, which they suggest dismisses the project as being too costly.

2. Community input is (and will continue to be) at the center of our decision-making process. During the last three years, Delta has held approximately 350 public information meetings in order to gauge support and provide a conduit for concern with regard to everything from development permits to rezoning applications. In addition, the Mayor’s Task Force – which visited every elementary school in Delta provided vital information, and allowed us to apply it as we moved forward with community projects and revitalization initiatives.

3. The first questions that must be satisfied prior to any project commencing are; what effects and impact will it have on our environment and heritage, and how will they be preserved/protected? The Sunbury neighbourhood association has done an exceptional job at identifying the effects that a new highway will have on these two concerns, and I intend to ensure that these considerations are properly dealt with to the satisfaction of all environmental and heritage protection covenants and regulatory bodies.

4. My family and I have lived in North Delta for 20 years, and have never considered living anywhere else. The same attributes associated with living on the fringe of a rural setting that afford us the benefits of wide-open spaces, an abundance of wildlife, and spectacular views also serves to separate our three communities from one another geographical. However, Delta remains as one community with three distinct residential areas. In the end it is vitally important that all voices are heard, and that a balance is maintained. Capital projects, services and amenities throughout Delta have been (and must continue to be) delivered on an equitable basis. I will continue with my commitment to support and encourage a local government that is fair, transparent, accountable and approachable. This will help to ensure that your opinion and concerns will always count!

Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions and positions