Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Candidate: Vicki Huntington


  1. The Sunbury Neighbourhood Association provided Delta Council with an excellent briefing on the issues facing the Sunbury/Annieville neighbourhoods.  It is clear that River Road traffic and the eventual route of the SFPR is of the utmost immediate importance:  however, the development of the Delsom Estates land; the outcome of the Burns Bog management plan; and the manner in which the socio-economic impacts of the SFPR are mitigated are also of critical importance to the community.  Preserving the quality of life of Sunbury/Annieville will be among the greatest challenges facing the people of Delta in the coming months and years.

Addressing these issues is always the more complicated side of the question.  I have spoken publicly of my support for the Hoover/Nass proposal, which includes a tunnel under North Delta.  I have asked the question on every occasion Council has met with Gateway:  why will you not seriously consider a tunnel?  I have stated unequivocally that the access to the SFPR along the River Road corridor must satisfy the people who are affected by the North Delta section of the new highway:  nothing else is acceptable. 

The Delsom Estates project very quickly went off the rails and I did not support it going even to First Reading, let alone to Public Hearing.  I advised Council that in my opinion it was unacceptable to the community in its present form and that it would not complement the adjoining neighbourhoods.  I had also asked that Council require the developer to leave the lands north of Nordel Way in their natural state:  passive parkland of that nature was needed in that part of Delta.  Council finally heard the people at Public Hearing:  however, I feel that a lot of anger and frustration could have been avoided had Council and staff (and Developer) heard what the people were saying.  I will not support a new plan unless it has the interest of the North Delta community at heart.

  1. Community input goes to the root of government decision-making.  Elected officials have a duty to consider your input in decisions that impact your lives.  It is a duty, pure and simple, and it is one that I take very seriously.  Again, how to use your input is the more difficult issue when so much facing us is out of local government control:  all we can do is ensure our voice joins yours in the search for answers which assist, not harm, Delta.  Matters of local government control should be resolved in the manner requested by the impacted communities – to the extent that budget and the interests of Delta as a whole permit.  I have always represented your issues in the manner you request to the best of my ability and conscience.
  1. Heritage and environmental protection are among the three issues that prompted me to enter the local arena, the third being an interest in protecting and enhancing our quality of life.  I Chair the Heritage Advisory Commission and am dedicated to protecting the Heritage of Delta:  it is one of my most enjoyable committee responsibilities.  I also Chair the Planning and Environment Advisory Committee and am known throughout Delta as an individual dedicated to the protection of our environment and of the ecological treasures that are Delta.

The enormous historical importance of the Sunbury and in particular, the Annieville, areas must be preserved.  The fact that the Province is even contemplating the destruction of the oldest archeological wet site in the world and is cavalierly ignoring historic sites like the Glenrose Cannery, is unacceptable.   I am prepared to join the citizens of your neighbourhood in any effort you wish to undertake to protect the history of this Province and community.  No government has the right to ignore its citizens and their well-being.

  1. Delta is a unique community and your question is indicative of the complicated system of governance and consultation that your Council represents.  Almost every issue of importance to Delta as a whole is met with consultation in each of the three sectors.  Every basic public service is represented in the three communities, more so as time goes by.  I give great weight to the opinions of each community, which often differ in tone or attitude.  When choosing a direction needed for all of Delta, I weigh the input and attempt to do what is best for Delta:  again, I attempt to represent your issues in the manner you request, to the best of my ability and conscience.

I do believe that Delta would be enormously served by a single community newspaper.  I had hoped that staff’s recommendation we stop the Delta Page and distribute the Delta Report would work better:  I do not believe that it has and hope to convince Council that we should go back to a new and better format of the Delta Page.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your questions.  I hope the responses have not been too long.  My best to you all.  And get out to Vote on the 19th!!


Vicki Huntington, Independent Candidate for Re-election to Delta Council