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the NOW Letters - February 8, 2008

Real reason for muzzling scientists is to hoodwink us
The Editor,

The government has muzzled its environmental scientists, they say, to prevent any surprises to Environment Minister John Baird and senior management.

It should come as no "surprise" to them as they are receiving plenty of letters and emails, (some of which are from our scientific community), asking why they are allowing the expansion of DeltaPort against the direction of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, or the building of the South Fraser Perimeter Road through Burns Bog despite a protective covenant that forbids it.

The federal and provincial governments are trying to build their "Economic Gateway to Asia" without the public finding out the true environmental damage to Delta farmland, threatened and endangered species habitat and Burns Bog, until it's too late and they've turned it all into industrial land.

Our governments are sidestepping the Canadian Environmental Act and ignoring protective agreements for Burns Bog and our species at risk, telling us that the impacts will be "mild" and "benign," while our scientists are saying that the impacts would be "significant," "considerable," and "cumulative." That is the real reason they are being muzzled.

Don Hunt



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