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the NOW Letters - July 05, 2006

SFPR should be called Highway 2 as it's just a freeway

The Editor,

The South Fraser Perimeter Road should be renamed to Highway 2 as it most definitely is not a mere road!

Most people now think the SFPR is supposed to be a four-lane truck road designated to connect port terminals with heavy industrial sites along the river with Highway 1, in general providing a new goods movement corridor when in fact it will be a minimum four-lane 80 km/hr (aka 100 to 120 km) freeway for all and any truck and general commuter traffic. It is to be an extension of Highway 1 on the south side of the Fraser.

Once Gateway is completed it will allow access to the only two toll free bridges to cross the Fraser. This highway will be bumper to bumper just like Highway 1 is now approaching the Port Mann as the increase in traffic they are predicting for the future predetermines that. Make note, too, by that time, for safety reasons, the Pattullo may well be down to two lanes, so that leaves all this traffic heading to the Alex Fraser. And head that way they will as those who do not want to pay the tolls will travel to the free crossing even if they end up spending more on gas or idling at the now totally congested Alex Fraser Bridge. That leaves all the noise and pollution from all this traffic going right up the hills into the Royal Heights, Annieville, Devon Gardens and Sunbury neighbourhoods. In Sunbury this will be a three-tiered structure right up the river bank ending up on an above-ground overpass with huge environmental and community impacts.

Seems to me it was supposed to be a road way down by the river that wouldn't affect very much.... Gateway has also offered nothing to the long-standing residential areas that will be affected. No noise mitigation is currently planned and when it is, it will be concrete barriers that will permanently block the river view for most and only give some sound relief for those immediately protected by the barriers. All the other sound will go straight up the banks along with all the traffic exhaust. There are four elementary schools in those areas and trucks have no air care restrictions. Yes, some homes are going to be expropriated, but unless your property is touched nothing is being offered in the form of community compensation to anyone else! Gateway is not willing to tunnel or cover this project. Nor are they seriously willing to look at alternate routes or consider community compensations. They just keep saying they do not have the funding for anything else.

Well, what about the communities whose property values will tumble and whose health will become compromised because the government doesn't have the money?

Does anyone know where our taxes and gas levies go? Do you think, just maybe, it is pay back time?

If this has to be done, then please do it right. Either go under us or around us!

Lynne March

published on 07/05/2006

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