Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Surrey Now - Dec 09, 2008

Why are we spending billions on a road we don't need?

The Editor,

I'm puzzled about South Fraser Perimeter Road, so I'd like to openly ask Gordon Campbell to explain the following:

- March 2005 - Port Metro Vancouver publicly documents that South Fraser Perimeter Road is not needed without Terminal 2.

- April 2009 - Wally Oppal tells an audience at a Delta South all- candidates meeting that "no real port expansion is anticipated for another 10 to 15 years." ("No real expansion" refers to Terminal 2.)

Please, Mr. Campbell, explain to British Columbians why you're spending billions of taxpayer dollars on a road that's not needed, especially in this unstable economy? Why are you paving over thousands of acres of productive farmland? Why are you threatening the health of Burns Bog? Why are you diminishing the quality of life for hundreds of Delta residents affected by the impacts of a truck highway?

Could it be that forging ahead with an unnecessary highway is simply to line the pockets of friends of the Liberal government?

Liz Gough


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