Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

the NOW LETTERS - March 14, 2007

Re: "It's a Gateway to cancer: groups," the Now, March 7.

I am writing in response to the comments made by Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon.

Specifically, Minister Falcon says, "I think it's sad and unfortunate that they try and peddle facts like that, that are not true."

It is terribly sad that an elected official, and representative of our community, lashes out at residents bringing information to the public eye. Residents who have taken a great deal of personal time and energy to study the information and present it in all its unvarnished glory to others in a way that his own paid staff is incapable of - or worse - directed not to disclose.

Minister Falcon's behaviour goes directly to the heart of the problems with Gateway. The purpose and intent of the laws for public input have been perverted by the letter of the law, allowing Gateway to ram-rod a poorly engineered plan down the throats of B.C. residents.

Rather than engage the public with thoughtful rebuttal, and substantial proof, Falcon calls foul. But the only foul here Gateway's perpetual lie about benefits that do not exist, costs for alternatives falsely escalated and obfuscation for every hard question ever asked.

Look at your own reports, Mr. Falcon, or resign because incompetence at your level will ruin us all!

Paul Ritter


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