Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Let's keep North Delta unique


Jun 05 2005

I am glad the writer of the letter in regard to the Delsom Estates development has brought this indiscretion to the attention of the citizens of North Delta.
I would think that council would encourage the traffic to be moved away from that horrendous corner not encourage it. Unless council is prepared to run its own transit system or install another bridge I would suggest they think very hard before trying to get another 10,000 commuters into this area.
There are plenty of empty shops on Scott Road.We don't need more empty ones.
Apartment tower?When did this come into play?
What happened to our Nordel Centre being the development area?Perhaps council should haveread that plan before allowing the second reading.
I would suggest that this is another big box proposal that council has allowed to be hushed.Does Delta really need to sell out for tax dollars?
Do we really want Nordel looking like Hwy. 10 in Langley? We fought long and hard to rescue the bog and now right next to it you are intending to allow this?
I believe this would be a much better plan for the intersection of Hwy. 17 and 99.
Let's get creative and keep our unique community unique.
L. Bascombe