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February 3, 2006

Gateway fails to protect environment or look ahead

The Editor,

The Gateway project should be built as a legacy for the future. Built with vision ... looking ahead 50 to 100 years, not just to 2031. In Delta, the South Fraser Perimeter Road is being planned through environmental reserves, and through the sensitive edge of Burns Bog, which houses many threatened and endangered species. In most of the Lower Mainland and cities around the world, waterfront property and environmentally-sensitive habitat are being protected or reclaimed. Here in North Delta, Gateway's plans call for the bisecting of several environmental reserves, expropriating up to 75 waterfront, view homes and the eviction of pioneer families from one of the founding neighbourhoods in British Columbia.

Sunbury-Annieville is a quiet residential neighbourhood surrounded by federally and provincially recognized wildlife habitat. This is no place for a major highway. Looking at all the options should not be limited by construction costs. The hidden costs of losing irreplaceable riparian habitat, and Canadian heritage outweigh the added construction costs of doing the job right and in the right place.

Don Hunt



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