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SFPR a 'gift' that will destroy heritage, ecology

The Editor,

Re: "Highway 2 already exists but others should as well," the Now letters, July 8.

The proposed SFPR is simply another asphalt ribbon wrapping the new "gift" of the Gateway program.

The point, however, is not that it needs a number or another name, but rather that this road is the significant connector for goods moving from the Deltaport through to Highway 1.

And as an added benefit, it will carry all the penny-wise, pound- foolish motorists wanting to dodge the toll right through a 100-year-old residential community, with eight environmentally-sensitive ravines.

It will lazily roll through 200 homes, including heritage properties that are still the homes of the descendant families who built them over 100 years ago.

And to finish off this map of destruction, it will slide along the north edge of Burns Bog, choking it off and killing that one of a kind ecosystem forever.

Yup, that's the point, a highway that important should be numbered!

Paul Owen

published on 07/15/2006



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