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September 04, 2004

River Road blockade anyone?

The Editor,

It is time to say something about our most pressing issue in the Annieville-Sunbury area of North Delta. The issue is the unrelenting truck traffic flow down River Road through these two communities.

A bit of history of River Road: It started out as a small trail, hardly a road at all, down by the river where the train tracks of the Burlington Northern Railway are now. River Road was eventually moved up the slope to where it is today. Originally a gravel road, it was oiled and then paved and remained for many years as a very uninviting entrance, something a town would not wish for.

For the longest time, River Road was the only North-South Delta connection. Over the years, the road slowly became what it is today: a traffic-choked, noise-polluting road, which bisects our neighbourhood and disrupts the quality of life in our community.

Though the road has been improved over the last three years, it is still only a two-lane road. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a highway, though it is clearly treated as such by the truck drivers who use it.

To add to the noise and pollution problem created by the sheer volume of trucks using the road every day, truck drivers insist on using their very loud engine brakes through our neighbourhood. The fact that signs along the road clearly state the law prohibits this doesn't seem to make a difference. The racket is indescribable.

I believe I echo the feelings of my neighbours when I say I have had it. We have attended dozens of meetings and nothing has changed. Nothing at all.

I understand that for every trucker, time is money. That maxim is easy to understand. Until recently, River Road was the only way to go. Now that Scott Road is an improved four-lane, non-residential route, why can we not have our trucking friends go that way?

I do not know of any community where trucks have been allowed to become so disruptive to the quality of life. It is time for the municipality of Delta to enact bylaws regulating and re-routing traffic from River Road to a less residential route.

The communities of Annieville and Sunbury will not let this issue be ignored. Anyone for another River Road barricade?

Arthur Abt
North Delta



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