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Delta OPTIMIST - Nov 04, 2009

Development at heart of highway
Carol R. Levasseur
The Delta Optimist


I attended the luncheon hosted by the Delta Chamber of Commerce with three engaging speakers who provided their insights on the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) project: Geoff Freer, executive director, Gateway Program; George Harvie, chief administrative officer, Corporation of Delta; and Orville Nickel, vice president, Delta Chamber of Commerce.

I would like these presenters to know I now understand the SFPR project, along with port expansion, has little to do with transportation, but rather this is about land development.

As I have stated previously, I'm not opposed to progress, however, the planning for this anticipated growth ought to be done intelligently.

The SFPR's route, along with the adjunct of an overpass on Highway 17 at 28th Avenue, is fundamentally wrong.

For these presenters to have come this far disguised as progressively astute while tarring our farmland and threatening the delicate balance and the very essence of Burns Bog is hideous.

Finally, the true accountability of this ill-charted project will not only be found on the lines of financial ledgers, but also on the lips of our descendants when they will ask why and we will have to answer.

Carol R. LeVasseur

 The Delta Optimist 2009


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