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Plane Noise - Hearing at Delta Council

SURREY LEADER - September 28, 2007

Upset by low-flying jets?

Come to Delta council’s Oct. 15 meeting, and you will be able to hear what NAV Canada (the agency that controls air traffic) has to say about your complaints.

Council wants a big turnout by residents for the 7 p.m. public session with NAV staff to make a point about the number of people affected by the altered air approach routes to Vancouver International Airport.

Coun. Vicki Huntington said a large turnout would ensure the air controllers are “bombarded with a public face.”

In an effort to reduce congestion, NAV Canada has been allowing jet pilots to come in lower over South Surrey and the southern edge of North Delta.

The change has generated a flood of complaints from people in both municipalities.

A staff report to Delta council said NAV Canada officials have told them “hundreds” of complaints have been generated by low-flying jets in the South Surrey/White Rock and areas of North and South Delta as well.

“We are in this together with Surrey,” Delta Mayor Lois Jackson said. “It’s the same planes.”

Jackson lives underneath the flight path and says the lower-flying aircraft have made it impossible for her to have phone conversations inside her North Delta house when a big jet is lining up for a landing.

The mayor said the municipality had no idea the increase in noise complaints was being generated by a NAV Canada decision until a local resident recently forwarded a e-mail from the agency that explained the new route was implemented on May 10 because of an increase in arrivals at the airport.

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