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the PROVINCE - June 05, 2006


Keep it Green.

Published: Monday, June 05, 2006
A report by Don Campbell of the Real Estate Investment Network says the Gateway Project will boost property values by up to 20 per cent for commercial property within a kilometre of highway exits -- and more than one kilometre for residential property.

Neighbourhoods within that kilometre distance and all along the length of the highway won't fare as well.

These residential areas will dramatically decrease in value until they become commercial areas.

This has occurred throughout the Lower Mainland wherever major roadways have been built.

There are options that provide for the movement of goods and people that protect our environment and our livability.

Transit initiatives, tunnelling and routing highways away from sensitive areas and neighbourhoods are all options that further these ideals.

They may cost more at first, but will pay out later in better living.

Savings in construction costs should not be transferred to residents as huge losses in health and property values.

The constant erosion of our neighbourhoods and our green spaces has got to stop.

Don Hunt,



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