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the PROVINCE - Nov 8, 2006


Published: Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Thank you, Brian Lewis, for detailing the plight of the residential and environmental areas that will be severely damaged if the South Fraser Perimeter Road is built as currently designed.

Why are we even building a freeway between ports?

Shouldn't we be looking at barging containers from port to port, instead of promoting trucking with all its related pollution?

The river is there -- let's use it!

The SFPR design will also damage Burns Bog. Alternate roadways already being upgraded would eliminate that threat. Yet they aren't even being considered.

The money planned for the SFPR would go a long way to getting better transit options for this side of the river. How will building a new freeway encourage more use of public transit, unless the public transit is improved?

The $800-million cost for this project isn't enough to build it without destroying communities and surrounding environments.

It seems years ago someone drew a line on a map with a red crayon that connected the necessary dots in the quickest way.

Well, Burns Bog and several long-standing communities are in the way. And it does not seem justifiable that they can be wiped out by the stroke of a crayon --and by a government that doesn't seem to be listening to reason.

Lynne March,


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