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Rain Garden Planting

MANY THANKS to Burnsview environmental science students and 7 North Delta Green Team Volunteers, for doing such a great job last Friday on the new rain garden underneath the Alex Fraser Bridge.  You planted 450 native plants, and spread about 10 cubic yards of arborist woodchips, in just 4 hours. 

Rain Garden after first rain

Thanks also to Jim Roberts and his colleagues at SFPR/Gateway.  They arranged for excavation and earthwork, ordered plants -- and fueled the labour force with dozens of bagels, several boxes of cookies and litres of juice. 

Countless walkers and cyclists have already commented on how good the garden looks -- and in fact it's looking even better now than on planting day, thanks to the rain. 

Planting Team


Stayed tuned for announcement of an after-school "tweaking" session, during which we'll create 3 channels through the berm, in order to get more bridge-deck runoff water into the garden for bioremediation.  Also, there'll be a final layer of woodchips to spread, to protect against weeds and summer drought.


Another nearby rain garden -- also an SFPR environmental mitigation project -- is planned for installation in Spring 2013.  It's designed to absorb rainwater runoff from the Tidewaters Pub site parking lot.  Re-development of that site is still under discussion.


Burnsview students, please be thinking of a good name for the new garden.  We've been calling it "Alex Fraser Rain Garden", because Burnsview enviro science students originally suggested creating an "Alex Fraser Park" (now St. Mungo Recognition Site), just across River Road from the rain garden.  Other suggestions from neighbours, passersby, Streamkeepers, etc, include: 

Sunbury Rain Garden

Tidewaters Rain Garden

Cougar Tidewaters Rain Garden

Lower Cougar Creek Rain Garden

Cougarview Rain Garden 

Delta Nature Reserve Rain Garden

DNR Trailhead Rain Garden (with map of trail system)

Once the garden has a name, then we can create some interpretive signage.  

THANKS AGAIN to you all, for helping create a healthier and more beautiful environment in North Delta!

Deborah Jones
Rain Gardens Coordinator
Cougar Creek Streamkeepers (North Delta/Surrey BC)

 Planting Announcement

Burnsview Secondary environmental science students need your help this coming Friday, May 18!

students planting the garden

The students will be planting a new rain garden underneath the Alex Fraser Bridge approach in North Delta. There aren't that many students ... and there are about 400 native trees and shrubs to be planted.  Any help you can offer, any time between 10:00am and 3:00pm, would be much appreciated.


Park on Centre Street just uphill from River Road. You can access Centre Street either from River Road, or via Brooke Road and Dunlop Road.  See linked map.

Walk 1 block along River Road toward the Alex Fraser Bridge. At the Tidewaters Pub site (the pub that burned down a couple of years ago), angle left across the old parking lot toward the trail entrance into the Delta Nature Reserve.  The rain garden site is right at the trail entrance, underneath the Alex Fraser Bridge.


Yourself, and maybe a friend too :-)   We'll provide work gloves, shovels, juice and snacks.  Wear sturdy footwear and old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.  Washrooms are available at the gas station at River Road and Centre Street.  


Deborah Jones
Rain Gardens Coordinator
Cougar Creek Streamkeepers (North Delta/Surrey BC)

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