Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

The impacts of SFPR on Sunbury / Annieville

June 6, 2006 - PDF Version of this Flyer - Print and Share

Tonight’s meeting is the official “pre-design consultation” where Gateway is asking for public feedback from our neighbourhood.  Let’s give it to them!

Top Three Points:

1.       This highway will destroy our neighbourhood with its environmental, noise, and traffic impacts.

2.     Our tunnel proposal resolves those issues.

3.     The Gateway consultation process is flawed. 

Gateway has rejected our alternative options (tunnel OR avalanche shed style cover) for this freeway based only on PRICE, with no serious consideration given to the environmental, health, economic (property values), heritage or safety costs of their proposal.  They have ignored their promises to make River Road a local road and not a truck route.   Sunbury/Annieville will have three highways in the neighbourhood:  SFPR, River Road and Nordel Way!!


   Gateway Program Feedback Form: Fill in the Comments Section for Questions 1 & 2 with “I choose the Tunnel Option”

Impacts of the current design:

Ø      Our Neighbourhood is paying for improved Port Traffic.  Gateway’s process is flawed.  They are not considering the impacts to our neighbourhood and the environment.

Ø      75 homes will be expropriated – and many others will suffer major impacts to their value but receive no compensation.  Only homeowners that lose property will be compensated.

Ø      River Road at Centre Street – A 30 ft. high (7.16 m and 384 m long) – overpass will be built over the BNSF railway.  It could be 4 lanes or 6 lanes depending on whether River Rd. continues onto Nordel Way opening Sunbury up to regional traffic.  A noise mitigation wall could be attached to side of the overpass – making a concrete fence the new view for residents on the south side of River Road and up the hillside.

Ø      River Road to Grace Road connection - Truck traffic and regional traffic could continue on River Road running parallel to the freeway.  Grace Road is home to large trucking companies and container storage sites with more on the way.

Ø      Glossy photos show SFPR low down on river banks with stands of trees in between houses and the freeway, when in actual fact the freeway will be 50 ft. behind the houses on the north side of River Road and homeowners will have to look over the tops of semis to see previous views.

Ø      Residential property values will decrease within 1 km of this freeway, say Gateway’s own real estate forecasts as reported in the Vancouver Sun.  Impacts to your property will not be compensated unless you actually lose property.

Ø      A tunnel would provide a shorter route, a safer route, a cleaner route and a more respectful route – respectful of our community, our heritage and our environment.

Ø      Our tunnel proposal is 4 km long – it would take 3 minutes to drive this distance at 80 km/hour.

Ø      Gateway’s own assessment of the tunnel proposal said “…a tunnel is technically feasible in this location”.  Gateway’s conclusion stated “The analysis also concluded the SFPR surface route would provide better viewscapes for drivers over the river than the tunnel route.

Ø      They will be filing their Environmental Assessment application for this project this summer while everyone is typically away on vacation.

Ø      Construction is slated to begin in 2007.

Ø      We need to make sure politicians hear from us: Write to Kevin Falcon, Guy Gentner, Sukh Dhaliwal and John Cummings.   Let them know that our neighbourhood needs their support and protection from a bureaucracy run amok

Real long term planning would confirm a tunnel as the best option for traffic, for our community and for our Province.

Truck Traffic must be banned from River Road!!

Gordon Campbell
Premier, BC
P.O. Box 9041, Stn. Prov. Gov’t
Victoria, BC  V8W 9E1 
Tel: (604) 660 3202

Kevin Falcon
Minister of Transportation
108, 17700 No. 10 Highway
Surrey, BC  V3S 1C7

Tel: (604) 576 3792


The Tunnel Option