Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

SFPR - Heritage Advisory Report

Memo To:       Mayor & Council

                       cc:   George Harvie; Kip Gaudry                         

From:                    Cllr. Vicki Huntington, Chair

                             Heritage Advisory Commission

Date:                    July 13, 2008

Re:  “South Fraser Perimeter Road Heritage Assessment”


At it’s July 10, 2008 meeting, the Heritage Advisory Commission passed the following resolution:

“That the South Fraser Perimeter Road Heritage Assessment document, dated June 2008, be presented to Council with the recommendation that it be forwarded to the Responsible Authorities (Ministers Penner and Chong) and that the Commission’s concerns regarding the assessment’s errors/omissions be documented by staff and appended to this report for consideration”.

As Council knows, a sub-committee of the HAC has worked diligently, for a least a year, with staff from both the municipality (including consultant Donald Luxton) and with Gateway and their consultant.  The last meeting was a review and critique of the document, which did undergo some changes as a result of Delta’s final input.

As staff is unavailable within the time frame required for action, the Chair of the Commission agreed to write the memorandum to Council, while staff prepared hard copies of the document and this report for On Table distribution


The HAC has reviewed the purported ‘draft’ (which we believe is actually the final document, submitted to Gateway in June) of the Heritage Assessment for the SFPR. 

However, upon review of the ‘draft’, the HAC was extremely disappointed to learn that Gateway had no intention of submitting the document to either the EAO or to the Responsible Authorities.  Rather, the document is intended to be used for consideration of the impacts during design and construction of the highway.  Further, the document continues to contain errors and omissions that have considerable importance to Delta. 

The HAC strongly recommends that Council immediately forward a letter to the Responsible Authorities (RAs) expressing these concerns in an effort to ensure the HAC comments are part of the record prior to an Environmental Certificate being issued.

Issues of Concern


The HAC respectfully recommends that Council officially record Delta’s heritage interests by immediately forwarding a letter to the Responsible Authorities outlining the above issues.  The document itself should be appended to the letter to ensure it is at least in the hands of the appropriate Ministers prior to the issuance of an Environmental Certificate for the SFPR.


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