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SFPR Environmental Assessment Suspended again

The South Fraser Perimeter Road Environmental Application has been suspended for the time being.


The Ministry of Transportation had wanted the Application to be certified by June of this year, but public pressure and unanswered concerns forced a third public comment period and an expected date of mid to late September for the application to go through.

Gateway then said that the application has been suspended until the late fall…and now we understand that it has been pushed further and may not be addressed until January. 


The reason for the delay is your comments, questions and letters to the politicians and the media that they are unable to find a way around.


The major stumbling blocks are;


Burn’s Bog                 The Experimental approach they have put forth is being rejected by the scientific community.

The Damage that they admit to in the application goes against the protective covenant that prevents negative impacts.

They are unable to come up with adequate mitigation or compensation for the many species at risk that would be impacted.


Fisheries                     The impacts to the Fraser River and its fish populations from pollution and habitat loss are too great and although they have tried to find mitigation and compensation to make up for these losses they are unable to satisfy the Dept. of  Fisheries and Oceans.


Species at risk            The impacts to the many threatened and endangered species is contrary to the enhancement strategies that they have implemented for environmental stewardship.


Air Quality                  Air quality impacts and increases to Greenhouse Gasses undo the reductions that the Government has committed to.


Public Comments       Public comments were based on an Environmental Application that was full of misleading and erroneous information and as the SNA pointed out at each comment period, this means that the public, (and the Working Groups) were basing they’re comments on incorrect data and therefore the process was pointless.


The Environmental Application, (E.A.), contradicts itself from one paragraph to the next and mitigation measures are not properly outlined which means that the actual environmental impacts of the S.F.P.R. remain unknown. At the federal level it is being called the worst E.A. in history and it is your letters that have stopped the Ministry of Transportation from rushing through this damaging and costly project.


Keep up the pressure by writing to the Minister responsible for signing-off this E.A…Mr. Barry Penner, Minister of the Environment, (with copies to his fellow politicians), and insist that they scrap this environmental nightmare and review the many alternatives that would facilitate the movement of goods and people without the impacts on our livability.

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