Sunbury Neighbourhood Association


Our May 30th presentation to Delta Council is laid out in three parts:

Pat Lavery and Don Hunt did a great job laying out the impacts that our community will face with the construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Road and provided some alternative routes that would have far less impact on residential areas.

Council was very impressed and supportive of our request for a tunnel or alternative routing.  They passed a number of motions supportive of our presentation and we'll pass them on once the minutes are published.  Informally, the motions that passed are approximately as follows:

  •  That the road, if it is built on the river bank, have a canopy to provide noise and light mitigation
  •  That there be no on-ramps or off-ramps into the Sunbury and Annieville neighbourhoods
  •  That staff be requested to set up some workshop sessions with the Neighbourhood Association to review some of the impacts and design alternatives.