Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Neighbourhood group proposes tunnel to replace perimeter road
DELTA - If the Sunbury Neighbourhood Association and Delta town council get their way, the South Fraser Perimeter Road will be a tunnel route.

It was standing room only Monday night at Kennedy House in Delta as the association told council a tunnel is the only way to go to ensure no lasting ill effects on the environment and residents along River Road.

"Tunnelling would pay for itself by savings in fuel and time for the truckers," said Don Hunt, representative of the association. "Last year, the trucking industry lost over $1.5 billion.

"[There are] also less tangible things, such as health care costs brought on by increased pollution, as well as loss of property value and the related taxes if we do a road option."

The group's options include a trucks-only tunnel from Surrey Fraser Docks to Annacis Island and from Annacis to Tilbury, or a straight tunnel from the Surrey Fraser Docks to the Nordel Way-Highway 91 interchange.