Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

the Vancouver Sun - Letters Nov 3, 2006

Re: Highway impact laid on the line, Westcoast News, Oct. 26

This article about the South Fraser Perimeter Road seems to mainly outline the projected benefits and ignores its swath of destruction. I am a resident of the troubled Sunbury area. I also live on River Road.

I know, it's all in the name of progress. The Sunbury Neighbourhood Association ( had come up with a few well-researched options to the 30-year-old perimeter road plan -- that's right, the path has barely changed from the outdated plan. The tunnel was the preferred option, second was a snowshed design with a wonderful bike-pedestrian path atop the roof landscaped with greenery that would benefit all Lower Mainlanders' recreational use. These were potential solutions to the eyesore and health hazard the province has designed.

Similar to North Vancouver, north Delta consists of charming homes, many large old trees, the fascinating working Fraser River, and is a real estate hidden gem. The provincial government, touting its green approach to business and pleasure, is, as usual, full of hypocrisy. The province is yet again destroying prime land and waterfront along the already stressed Fraser River. Hundreds of people are losing their beautiful homes that many generations have grown up in. Others will have a four-lane highway 200 yards from their backyards.

Once Deltaport is built, truck traffic will increase by an extra 500 trucks an hour. Let's not allow the Lower Mainland to become the filthy doormat of North America.

Martine Dubuc


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