Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

Sunbury Neighborhood Association - For immediate release 

The Sunbury Neighborhood association has been resurrected to answer the growing concerns over proposed plans for the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) and the Delsom Estates development.

The SFPR Project is intended to create a new sustainable transportation solution for goods imported to, and exported from Canada through Delta Port and Surrey Docks.   The proposed roadway will connect numerous critical points along the Fraser River resulting in a much higher trade capacity for Canada and generally improving Canada's world wide economic viability.

However, as with all roadway expansions, many considerations must be balanced by the designers and decision makers. When concerns are not voiced by all interested parties, misinformed decisions lead to undesirable consequences. 

The Sunbury Neighborhood Association has reconvened to offer one additional voice and our support to the Ministry in finding a truly viable solution. We greatly desire the realization of the great benefits of the SFPR for Canada while maintaining the quality of the environment and community in Delta and North Surrey.

The Sunbury Neighborhood Association is now meeting regularly to discuss strategies and options to present to the Ministry and would ask that all residents of the Sunbury and Annieville areas participate actively by joining our meetings, emailing your thoughts or visiting the website listed below to learn more of the details about the SFPR proposal currently under consideration.  We also need interested residents to help in studying the extensive data gathered, and to assist in finding new data to substantiate our recommendations. 

Monday, May 30, 2005 - 7pm - Kennedy House -

11760 - 88th Avenue, North Delta

Our Association will offer brief presentations to Delta Council outlining our current findings and concerns relating to the proposed SFPR.  Delta Engineering will be making a presentation regarding River Road and the SFPR.  The first two readings of the proposed Delsom Estates development will also be read at this time.   All residents of Delta are urged to attend.

The Sunbury Neighborhood Association supports the Gateway program in its efforts to create a sustainable road system, and look forward to a positive working relationship that will lead to the best long-term plan for the South Fraser Perimeter Road Project and the Residents of the communities it touches.

Please email questions and comments to:

or visit the website:

Pat Lavery

Press Office,

Sunbury Neighborhood Association,

North Delta